Digital solutions for tour guides and agencies

Increase your business and generate additional income

Your tours are available any day, any time. You earn income with every purchase of a paid guided tour.

Increase your visibility and brand awareness

Promote your digital and face-to-face tours, enabling your future customers to find out more about your offer and trigger a purchase or reservation.

Reach new audiences

Digital guided tours attract different audiences: younger and more connected, sometimes looking for more economical solutions.

Who can suggest a tour?

Lecturers and tour guides

Travel agencies, tour operators

Local enthusiasts, bloggers and influencers

You don’t need any special technical or IT knowledge
You retain intellectual property of the content you provide

How do I create a tour?

You propose a tour project: This involves a brief presentation of the location, the itinerary(s), the main points of interest, the target audience, the positioning in relation to any existing guided tour offers, and the desired selling price.
Make an appointment or write to us
Lively Guides will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your tour project.
You’ll prepare all the elements of the tour: texts, photos/images, ideally audio recordings and GPS tracks.
The creation of tours is subject to a quality charter, especially for non-professionals.
Lively Guides can help you with the technical aspects
Send us a first complete version for testing
Test your guided tour in real-life conditions with the mobile application
You make the necessary adjustments, if necessary in several iterations, and send us a final version.
Lively Guides has the right to moderate content to guarantee the quality of tours.
Your tour is published and available for sale on the mobile application

What will my income be?

Your income corresponds to a percentage of the revenue received by Lively Guides, excluding VAT and the Google Play Store or Apple App Store commission.
Please contact us or make an appointment to discuss your project and pricing details.

The initial price range is from €0.99 to €9.99, depending on the amount of content supplied and the specific features of each tour.

Would you like more information?

If you would like to use the platform to offer guided tours, send us a message or make an appointment with us.

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