Our mission: to offer an exceptional digital guided tour experience to everyone

We use technology and design to deliver a personalized, enriching tour experience that you’ll never forget.

Our story

The idea for Lively Guides was born out of frustration. Throughout his travels and visits, David was too often confronted with a lack of information about the places he visited, or with scattered information that didn’t allow him to take full advantage of often magnificent places. Our aim is to offer a range of products to meet these needs.

Our ambition is to offer travelers, visitors, tourists and walkers clear, exciting and personalized tourist information to enrich their visiting experience. So they can organize their visits according to their interests, desires and the time they have available, and make sure they get the most out of the tourist site, at the right price.

Our missions

Simplify and enhance the experience of visiting tourist sites

Offer guided tours to everyone, everywhere and immediately available

Strive for excellence in content quality


David Wijnker

David has worked in information systems for software publishers, digital services companies and IT departments.
He is a computer and telecommunications engineer with an MBA.

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