Digital solutions for tourist offices and local authorities

Promote your city or region

Make people want to come and visit your town or region with a preview of tourist routes including photos, text and audio or video comments.

Enhance the visitor experience in your city or region

Increase your visitors’ satisfaction by offering an up-to-date, digital visitor experience.

Reach new audiences

Digital tours attract new audiences: younger, more connected

Make tourist information more accessible

Your visits are available immediately, every day and at any time, from anywhere in your city or region.

Optimize your tourist information distribution costs

Our offer is highly competitive with dedicated digital solutions. Save even more on brochure printing. Update your content quickly and easily.

Generate business opportunities for the local economy

Promote your city’s or region’s tourist attractions and businesses

Price indications

The fee for publishing digital tours is divided into two parts:
– a monthly or annual subscription to create, update and distribute your tour on the Lively Guides mobile application
– optional assistance in creating a digital tour

The subscription price depends on :
– selected mobile application features
– the medium chosen for creating and updating tours
Monthly subscriptions start at €200 plus VAT. Please contact us or make an appointment for a more precise estimate based on your needs.

Optional support for digital tour creation can include :
– assistance in choosing routes and points of interest
– assistance with copywriting
– audio comment creation
– translations
– taking photos or searching photo banks
Please contact us or make an appointment for a quote.

Would you like more information?

If you would like to use the platform to offer guided tours, send us a message or make an appointment with us.

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